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June 27 2017

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Neets Bay Bear Watching Tour

Neets Bay is home of one of the largest salmon hatcheries in the world. Every summer beginning in mid-July bears gather in Neets Bay waiting for the salmon to return from the ocean to spawn. Bears love to eat salmon. By eating plenty of salmon during the summer the bears are able to sleep comfortably through their winter hibernation. The boat ride from Knudson Cove to Neets Bay takes about 45 minutes. The search begins in the outer part of the bay where the younger bears and mothers with cubs can be found. Scattered throughout the bay are several small salmon streams. This is where young bears learn how to fish without getting in the way of older bears which prefer to fish near the hatchery itself. If you spot a bear near one of these streams you may ask to slow down and ask everyone to be very quiet. Bears don't have very good eyesight so even in these more natural settings the boat is often able to be brought very close to them - if we're quiet. Bears fishing near the hatchery are accustomed to people and have no fear. When the boat arrives at the hatchery you will see there is much activity. Floatplanes come and go. Fishing boats are setting their nets and the hatchery is busy collecting over 100 million salmon eggs to propagate the run.

Duration: 4 3/4 Hrs
Cost per person: $ 339
Max Group Size: 13
Pickup Location: Dockside
Activity Level: Light
Food: Snack
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Special Requirements: None


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