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July 04 2015

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Bear Country Tour

An exciting 3-hour tour for individulas who want to experience the awe and majesy of the "fortress of the Bears."

Let an experienced bush pilot and guide choose the best possible bear viewing option from among several locations on Admiralty Island, or the secluded wilds of Chichagof Island. Once there your guide will lead you on a wilderness trek, making sure your every sense is tuned to the presesnce of the great Alaskan Brown Bear who call this country home.

Please note, this tour takes place at Pack Creek in the months of May, June and September. However, in July and August the bear viewing location for this tour shifts to other nerby salmon streams within the sactuary area on Admirlty Island due to peak season permit restrictions at Pack Creek.


Duration: 3 Hrs
Cost per person: $ 450
Max Group Size: 5
Pickup Location: airport
Activity Level: Moderate
Food: Not Allowed
Wheelchair Accessible: No
Special Requirements: None


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